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7 Interesting Facts About Lord Hanuman Ji (Bajrangbali)

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is one of the most well-known Hindu deities. Praise be to the Lord for his strength, courage, and heavenly protection. His legendary tales are well known, and his crucial role in the Ramayana mythology is well documented. Devoted to Shree Ram, Bajrangbali was a naughty youngster who was eventually endowed by the Gods with remarkable powers. The majority of our knowledge on the enigma of Lord Hanuman originates from modern television series or Ramayana adaptations. But other writings, like the Mahabharata, the Puranas, and Jain literature, also discuss His divinity.

1. The Manifestation of Lord Shiva known as Pawanputra Lord Hanuman

According to one version of the story and numerous lines, Hanuman was born as the result of a curse on a heavenly angel (Apsara), a blessing from Lord Shiva, and a gift from Vayu, the God of the Wind. Hanuman, also known as Pawanputra, is the son of Kesari and Anjana. Vayu may have completed the mission, but it was always Shiva’s destiny to serve as Rama’s loyal buddy during his reign. So the mythology of Hanuman began.

2. Lord Hanuman Idol Is Painted in Raving Scarlet/Orange

Lord Hanuman saw Sita placing vermilion on her forehead and asked about its importance in her rituals. Then Sita said that the color vermilion (Sindoor) represents her devotion to and adoration of her husband, Shree Ram. Hanuman wrapped himself in Sindoor because of his unfailing devotion to Shree Ram. Lord Rama, moved by Hanuman’s bravery, imposed a condition. Everyone who worships Hanuman in the future must use the auspicious red powder sindoor, and all their troubles will be resolved. As a result, the Idol of Lord Hanuman is often represented in vermilion in Hindu temples.

3. The Ramayana is Lord Hanuman holy book.

It is said that Lord Hanuman, who also dwelt in a cave, wrote his story of the Ramayana on the cave walls. The Hanuman Ji Marble Murti is an important character. His story was amazing and fantastic, surpassing even Valmiki’s. Lord Hanuman composed the story to relive the events and remember his beloved Shree Ram, but he abandoned his script to promote Valmiki’s Ramayana poetry.

Lord Hanuman Ji

4. Panchamukhi Lord Hanuman ji

The demon ruler of Patala (the netherworld) kidnapped Rama and Lakshmana, and it is said that Lord Hanuman took the form of Panchamukhi (The Five-Headed) to slay him. While attempting to save them, Hanuman found that the only method to kill Ahiravana is to simultaneously extinguish five candles representing the demon king’s soul. This beautiful Panchmukhi Hanuman Marble Statue is carved out of top quality white marble and adorned with painting work. Thus;

Lord Hanuman appeared in five different forms:

  1. Front and center.
  2. A lion’s head can be found in southern Narasimha.
  3. Garuda, the eagle god, lives west of Ahiravana.
  4. A boar’s head was discovered in Varaha.
  5. The Hayagriva was shaped like a horse’s head and pointed skyward.

5. God Hanuman lives forever.

Lord Hanuman is one of the eight Chiranjivis, or immortal animals, recorded in Hindu scriptures. He is foretold to roam the world till the end of Kaliyuga, when he will stop reciting Shree Ram’s name and tales.

6. Lord Hanumân Protects

Goddess Kali assigned Lord Hanuman the duty of defending and watching over her dwara-paal (gate). Lord Shani bestowed upon Lord Hanuman the gift of relief from adversity for his followers in exchange for their prayers. These two premises imply that invoking Lord Hanuman will successfully ward off the consequences of witchcraft.

7. Hanuman Created the Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation).

Given Lord Hanuman incredible strength and agility, the suggestion that he was a Yogi is not improbable. He developed the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) as an offering to his master, Surya Devta. And it was the Lord Himself who first introduced people to pranayama.

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