Best Shayari in Hindi

No matter the type of relationship you have, Hindi Shayari can assist you strengthen it. You want your lover to know how much you love them, and these words are full with love and other warm and pleasant feelings.


जिसका मिलना किस्मत में नहीं होती,
उससे मोहब्बत भी बेइंतहा होती हैं..


हकीकत कहो तो उन्हें ख्वाब लगता है,
शिकवा करो तो उन्हें मज़ाक लगता है,
कितनी शिद्दत से हम उन्हें याद करतें हैं,
एक वो हैं जिन्हें ये सबकुछ मजाक लगता है…


लाखों की हँसि तुम्हारे नाम कर देंगे,
हर ख़ुशि तुमपर कुर्बान कर देंगे।
आये हमारे प्यार में कोई कमी तो
कह देना, इस ज़िंदगी को आखिरी सलाम कह देंगे।


सुबह सुबह घरवाले ऐसे उठाते हैं,
जैसे कि तीसरा विश्वयुद्ध शुरू हो गया हैं,
और मैं आखरी सैनिक बचा हुआ हूँ।


तेरा जीवन रहे रोशन,
तुझे कभी न छू पाएं ग़म,
ख़ुशी मिले तुझे बहुत सारी
ईश्वर का आशीर्वाद रहे हरदम।

When you are in love with someone, you will do all in your power to prove it. A simple “I love you” won’t cut it forever. They are the special people in your life, therefore it goes without saying that you should do something particularly special for them. Shayari Wallah hope you will like this Shayari.

Shayari for your love life in Hindi

Even while it may seem challenging to sum up your relationship in a few words, there are times when we only need a few short love quotes to convey what makes our relationships special. Therefore, these Shayari in Hindi will be ideal at that time and assist you in expressing your sentiments.

Speak from your heart with these Hindi Love Shayari

Hindi Love Shayari is a humorous and enjoyable approach to show your loved ones how much you care. It is always challenging to make other people happy, but with these warm Hindi Shayari collections, you can express your affection for them to the fullest.

Hindi Romantic Shayari can be a terrific resource if you want to emphasize the value of your lover in your life. However, many people struggle to express their emotions in words; for them, these Hindi love shayari are the ideal solution. Using our enormous selection of Hindi Shayari will make it more simpler to communicate your affection and thoughts. Show your lover your love and admiration by make them feel special or even extraordinary.

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